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Guide : Project management

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IN DUBIO PRO GEO preserves your inputs and settings in the workspace. As soon as you made inputs or settings, you see the symbols Clear project and Save project in the headline. Then IN DUBIO PRO GEO has created a project .

If you run IN DUBIO PRO GEO in different tabs of the same browser window, then in all those tabs you work on the same project ! This may be undesired.

Save a project

If you want to finish your session and save your work, click on the Save project symbol in the headline. IN DUBIO PRO GEO saves your project on the server and provides you with a link, which you should keep, e.g. as a browser bookmark. Alternatively, you may memorise the five-digit ID. When saving a project again, the previous version is overwritten!

The link and the ID are only valid for 30 days. The period of validity restarts as soon as the project is changed and saved again.

Only those data are saved, which you sent to the server before. If you make an input on the current page and click Save project then those input is not saved.

After 24 min of inactivity a session is closed automatically by the browser. The storage is cleared automatically. But if you have saved the project, you can restore it.

Load and duplicate a project

If you want to resume your work, use the link or the ID provided for loading the project from any device connected to the internet. When loading a project, all current settings and inputs are overwritten! In case of need, please Save projectSave projectbefore.

If you do not want to overwrite a loaded or previously saved project when saving (again), you can duplicate it. When saving the project, a new ID is assigned, such that the old project is kept untouched.

Template and exemplary projects

IN DUBIO PRO GEO provides you with some template and exemplary projects:

These projects are save protected. When loading, they are automatically duplicated.

Clear project

For clearing a project in the workspace, click on the Clear project symbol in the headline. All inputs will be discarded. All settings will be reset to the standard settings. The last version of the project saved on the server, is preserved, if any. There is no undo feature.

Also interesting

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Save project Save project
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