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created: All kinds of trilateration networks are adjusted, both planar as well as spatial…

2019/08/31 Dieter Lelgemann 80th birthday

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Coordinate lists

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Plane and sphere


Definite integrals

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are only in German

Trigonometric levelling line

Inaccessible point with auxiliary triangles

3D space

Spatial geodetic sections

Ephemeris computations

Ellipsoid of rotation



Concatenated transformations


Lecture notes

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Geodätische Berechnungen auf dem Rotationsellipsoid

Geodätische Messabweichungen



Geodetic statistics

Sigma points

Geodetic adjustment

Adjusting curves


Most wanted documents

Published 2018 (selection)

Documents with >300 pages

Adjustment textbooks

Life is a quiz

Picture quiz - easy

Unbelievable, but true - or not? - easy - medium

Milestones quiz - medium

Abbreviations quiz - difficult

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